The youngest ever pro world champion

iska world champion

In a dramatic and action-packed night on Saturday 18 May 2013, kickboxing superstar Chad ‘2 Slick’ Sugden entered the record books as the youngest ever fighter to win a professional world title.

The main event on the card of the first ever Super Fight Series Championship, promoted by Suggy’s Gym and held at Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire, featured Chad against the very dangerous and big puncher Paolo Fiorio from Italy. In only his ninth professional fight, Chad was up against a vastly more experienced fighter who had 36 wins and 20 knockouts to date in his professional career. This didn’t faze ‘2 Slick’, who knew that to win the prestigious ISKA World K-1 title he had to beat the best.

Chad dominated the first round and took control of the centre of the ring. Fiorio seemed to be waiting for him to make a mistake then strike, a pattern which continued throughout the first two rounds.

Then the Italian started to press the action but in every exchange 2 Slick had an answer and always had the last say. Starting to change the levels, he began to hurt Fiorio with some tremendous body punching.

In the fourth round, Chad floored his opponent with his trademark push kick and had him reeling but, as 2 Slick continued to win the rounds, the Italian was looking even more for the knockout.

In the fifth, the crowd went wild when both fighters stood toe to toe exchanging punches, kicks and knees. But it was the Suggy’s Gym man who came out on top of virtually every exchange and, at the end of the fight, Chad ‘2 Slick’ Sugden was declared the new professional ISKA K-1 World Champion at Middleweight.

2 Slick’s head coach and dad Dean Sugden said: “This is remarkable achievement at any age. But to win this title, which is the most prestigious one there is, at just 19 years old is simply staggering.

“Chad was strong and technically brilliant against a very dangerous opponent and couldn’t switch off for a split second. When they announced the decision it was a bit surreal for me, as I still had a fighter to fight, but the congratulations and accolades have been coming in from all of the fighting communities including the Pro Boxing and MMA/Kickboxing world.

“Chad will now go down in the history books as the youngest ever professional to win a world title.”

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