Sporting discipline boosts confidence


Pupils from Farndon St Peter’s Primary School are receiving sports training from professional boxer Chad Sugden thanks to a sponsorship deal with direct marketing and lead generation agency Communication Avenue.

On Wednesday 8 June, nine Year 4 and Year 5 children attended the lunchtime session at Farndon St Peter’s which included a warm-up, a game which promotes team work, communication and hand-eye co-ordination and a breakdown of some of the moves used in boxing and martial arts.

“As a young man I was lucky to receive training and support from my coach and father Dean Sudgen and quickly learned to appreciate the discipline and focus needed to excel in my sport,” said Chad.

“Some of the children I’m currently working with display challenging behaviour and lack confidence, so we’ve been delivering sessions which help combat this.

“I’m really enjoying helping them find a passion for keeping fit and healthy, while boosting their confidence and equipping them with some skills they can transfer back into a classroom setting.”

In March, Communication Avenue announced its sponsorship of family-run Suggy’s Gym, which included support for 22 year-old ‘2 Slick’ as he trained for his Super Middleweight pro boxing debut at Walsall Town Hall on Saturday 19 March.


The funding also allowed Chad to continue to deliver sports training sessions with school children from Bishop Alexander, William Gladstone and Farndon St Peter’s primary schools.

“The sessions are usually quite high-impact, helping the children burn off some energy following a morning in the classroom. But we also concentrate on good technique and helping them to appreciate that a good technique, built over a number of weeks, will lead to improved skills,” added Chad.

Feedback from parents has included positive comments about the improvements in the children’s self-confidence, better health, dexterity and co-ordination and an interest in taking part in gym sessions after school.

Teachers have praised the sessions for helping the children make friends, gain better focus and learn more control, which can lead to improved learning in the afternoon lessons.

Phil Lightfoot, managing director of Communication Avenue, said: “I’m really proud of our sponsorship of Suggy’s Gym and in particular of Chad’s work with local youngsters.

“Visiting Farndon St Peter’s and seeing how engaged the children are with Chad and his training session was great. He is able to offer a lifeline to young people and give them an insight into what they can achieve if they set their mind to something.

“Chad’s drive to act as a positive role model and give something back to the local community aligns with our own ethos and inspired us to invest in him at the start.”

Pictures courtesy of Shooting Star

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