Groundbreaking technology gives Chad the extra edge

Nottinghamshire pro boxer Chad Sugden is determined to leave no stone unturned as he pursues his goal to climb up the UK rankings.

Already reaping the benefits of having the UK’s leading sports nutritionist Dr Scott Robinson on his team, the Suggy’s Gym Light Heavyweight has now been given the opportunity to become the first professional boxer working with Gatherer Systems as he prepares for his next match up, which is scheduled to take place in December.

“We’re always committed to leading the way when it comes to improving our performance in the world of combat sports,” said his head coach and manager Dean Sugden. “So to be selected by Gatherer Systems for this case study analysing the neck and neuromuscular system is a massive result, both for Suggy’s Gym and for Chad himself.

“Its groundbreaking technology and products are already used by elite athletes and leading medical professionals across the world and we’re delighted to be working with Jon Malvern as part of our current training camp.”

“The GS team is very happy to support Chad with its analysis, harness and sports medicine expertise during the preparations for his next contest,” said Jon.

“We will be providing him with our world-leading objective analysis of the neck and neuromuscular system, which we will use to create a unique, safe and effective neck training programme.

“The primary focus of the process is to maximise his physical preparation with our advanced technology, which is not currently used in boxing. In addition, we will be developing data that will help reduce the incidence and chances of concussion and longer-lasting head and neck injuries while enhancing his performance and protection.”

Describing Chad as an exceptionally hard-working and talented individual with a promising future in the sport, he added: “Through robust science and application, we want to help that future, to maximise Chad’s physical preparation while minimising the effect of acute or chronic injuries, thereby giving him ‘the edge’ and helping him to thrive.”

“As Jon says, this incredible opportunity gives me another edge and advantage over every other Light Heavyweight out there,” said Chad. “I’m buzzing to be the one Gatherer Systems has selected to be part of its work in the world of boxing and look forward to reaping the rewards when I next walk out into the ring.”

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