I’ll beat Shakan by being me says Chad

Chad joins Jack Fletcher online to talk about how’s he been coping in lockdown and how realising everyone’s in the same boat makes it a little bit easier…

“I’m missing all the usual stuff and the buzz of the gym but still training and staying fit,” says Chad, who describes his devastation when his shot at the British Light Heavyweight title was postponed after all the hard work leading up to it.

“But it was great to keep the interest going with the virtual fight against Shakan which went out on the Hennessy Sports YouTube channel last Saturday.

“And, when the time comes, I’ll beat him by being me. I’m still excited for the fight and I’m looking forward to it. People keep saying do you think it’s meant to be and I’m like it’s gonna be!”

Featured image by Rick Wilks, Primal Pixels Photography

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