Sixty seconds with 2 Slick


In the latest interview before his British Light Heavyweight Title fight with Shakan Peters next week,  Chad shared his thoughts on a range of topics with Paul Wheeler of Boxing News

Asked about his toughest fight the Suggy’s Gym pro boxer said: “The toughest is yet to come!”, before going on to describe what he considered his best and worst attributes as a fighter – “My strengths are my ability to adapt, my speed and my composure. My weakness is my appetite, I love good food!”

Chad also offered up his top training tip: “Don’t take shortcuts in training – there are no shortcuts in the ring” and paid tribute to his favourite fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali, not just for his achievements in the ring but because of the way he fought against the odds for his beliefs.

And asked about the best advice he’d ever received, he shared the following quote:

Most of the greatest achievements have been accomplished by people who kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all

Read the full 60-second interview with Chad here

Video by Hennessy Sports

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